Independent Photography


Okay so my blogging has been a little sporadic and inconsistent.  Hopefully this semester I find more time to dedicate to this website, in the interim you’ll have to excuse the lack of entries.

Where to begin? after a month-long hiatus the Charlatan is back in print with a vengeance, which means I have tonnes of reasons to pick up a camera.  Our first cover story back was on addictions, specifically they wanted the cover to illustrate Muscular Dysmorphia, which is basically reverse anorexia in males where we feel the need to work out over the top…interesting feature and a challenging photo to take.  I am still a little unsure how I feel about the results.  Obviously the photo works, but I feel like I could have put more effort into making the models seem realistic, however, I will cite time constraints as my reason…

The other two are photos from a media preview of Bash’d! A Gay Rap Opera.  Its a play thats being produced by the Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa from January 12-31.  Pretty simple, I arrived and there were a few photogs milling about and a couple of seated writers scribbling away.  After a few interviews Chris and Nathan (who wrote the play and star in it as T-Bag and Feminem, respectively) took to the stage to perform one of the musical pieces.  It was a rap (obviously) comparing how homosexuals use the word “fag” the same way that black rappers use the word “nigger.”  A little racy? sure, still I found it funny, anyways, the next day our reviewer went and loved it, so this week were putting it on cover.

The addictions cover… vol 39. issue 18 jan 7-13

T-Bag on the left and Feminem on the right pose for the cameras after their performance.

This weeks cover (Vol 39 issue 20 jan 20-27)



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