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Prorouge: A new word we’ve all had to learn

Today was the nationwide protest about Stephen Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament.  I woke up a little late and unfortunately didn’t have time to eat, or even make sure I had fully charged battery’s before I had to rush out the door.  I arrived at the hill at about 12:45 and our writer, Veronica, had already arrived.  At this point there were about 200 or so people milling around but nothing substantial…

By about 1:30 there were more than 1000 people on the hill and all one could see around the gates was streams of people coming in.  The demographic range was huge too.  I spent most of the afternoon crowding around the staircase in front of the peace tower.  One by one people came up to the mic to plead their case for outrage over the prorogation.  Crowded in a nice semi-circle around the base of the steps were 10-12 TV camera’s covering the spectrum of Canadian media by that I mean everyone, CTV, CBC, Global, CPAC, APTN, and numerous local and online stations as well.  I did my best to stay the fuck out of their way.

The day was going pretty well there was a host of people [mostly political leaders] coming up to speak and I had picked out a nice spot.  I was crammed between two 40-year-old men with cameras 3/4m from the podium while Michael Ignatieff was speaking; it was a perfect place to get nice and intimate with the 24mm.  Suddenly I felt my other camera go slack from my shoulder, then a sickening crash, then an audible gasp from the assembled photo/videographers around me… Turns out the cold weather had made the plastic on my [replacement] camera strap turn brittle.  I had my 30D [w/grip] and my 70-200mm hanging from it, a fairly heavy combination.  The strap broke and the camera fell one metre and hit the stone steps in front of the peace tower.  I very nearly shit myself.  This is why people should use Canon equipment; I was able to pick up my camera, check the lens, mirror and sensor and nothing had been cracked.  After reattaching the lens, and tying the strap to the camera, I was able to continue shooting.  Also the strap wasn’t a Canon one [third party] maybe thats something to consider…

Below I have six images, one of Ignatieff speaking, one of Jack Layton, one crowd shot and my favourite picture from all the ones I took, an image of a protest group here in Ottawa [I saw them at the drop fees protest as well] called the raging grannies.  They lead the crowd in a few songs, it was pretty damn funny.  As well as one of Dewar and Layton and one of an efegy of Harper.

I haven’t been to the office today and I forget how to upload photo galleries from home.  But tomorrow afternoon I should have several images [not the ones already posted here] uploaded to the Charlatan’s website as a web gallery.


Adam Dietrich


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