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Well from day one, the quater finals I have three images (game coverage is posted on the Charlatan and our live blog) these are my personal favourites from the whole day.

Consolation and semi finals tomorrow.



Some banking and basketball

Okay so I will start with Thursday March 11.  I was sitting in Spanish class with about 20 minutes left when I received a text message from my friend, the Charlatan’s news editor, Joel asking if I was free to take a photo in about 30 minutes.  Over the next half hour I found out that Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of Canada was speaking at Carleton.  He was addressing post-graduate economic students at Carleton and across Canada via live video conference.  The one catch was that Carleton’s broadcast room was small.  So the media invitation was to the Bank of Canada building downtown.  Also the press release failed to mention where Carney was speaking on campus, because they wanted to avoid a bunch of journalists waiting outside the room.  The Charlatan figured it out though, 621 Southam.  I got there and sat outside for about 30 more minutes before he finally left.  I got close and asked if he would mind posing for a picture, then spotted Roseann Runte, Carleton’s president and got her in too.  Here’s the catch, I was using a telephoto and the minimum focusing distance is 1.2m I had my back against the wall and was quickly adjusting the flash.  In short I failed to realize that Mark Carney was about 2 cm to close to me.  So when I opened the image he was a little soft.  Still the only other photographer that I saw was Pawel Dwulit from the Canadian Press.  There was clearly a good opportunity here.  I thus tried to shop the photo to some places, however, nothing is done on spec anymore, and Carney’s face was soft, so no luck.  I still got a lot out of the experience, first time I ever had to chase down a subject in this way.  Next time the image will be sharp.

(The Governor of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney, poses for a photo with Carleton University President Roseann Runte)

Saturday was the last day of speeches for potential section editors, mine was scheduled for 4:30.  However, at about 2pm I got a text message from my friend Greg Mason.  There was the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) Championship on saturday, hosted by Carleton.  Normally Carleton hires a guy name Murray McComb to take their photos.  However, Murray was unavailable so he gave Carleton Greg Mason’s name.  At the last minute Greg had a family thing come up, so he contacted me.  It took a while to get a hold of the women at Carleton in charge of their media stuff.  Also I’m technically under contract so it had to be cleared with the Charlatan E-in-C.  However, by 8pm tipoff, everything was mostly organized and I was on the court shooting.  I shot some of my best basketball ever, unfortunately none of it gets submitted to the Charlatan.  Although, Carleton posted two pictures on their site with the game report here, and the OUA posted one of mine with their game report here.  Below are the pictures.  Now I need to chase down my first single job paycheck.

The trophy shot, used by both Carleton Athletics and the OUA, I just want to point out that the scoreboard shows the final score and the top of the frame is ringed by previous Carleton OUA flags, hows that for photo worth a thousand words.

This is of Kevin McCleery, the Raven’s top scorer, he also won the player of the game award.  Now, in case anyones noticed, McCleery is actually a little soft too.  The ball is sharp.  As a result I liked this one more, in terms of intensity and framing, but the frame before was totally sharp.  I submitted both of them and let Carleton make the final call.  They went with this one I guess.  I was surprised but when you see it on their site the whole things looks sharp, so I guess that works out.  This ran on

Anyways, all in all I learned a lot this week, thats for sure.  Next thursday they announce the results of the section editor elections and I find out if I’ll be photo editor next year at the Charlatan.  Then on friday CIS Nationals start, I will be blogging from the event.


Adam Dietrich