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“but when it came time to thorw bricks at that Starbucks window, you left me all alone…” – Against Me!

So anarchists have struck… Yesterday around 3:30am a firebomb was set off in the ATM area of an RBC branch at the corner of Bank st. And First ave.  A video released on the internet shows the actual explosion, then a series of rolling text in which the group identifies itself as an anti-olympic group.  The full story is available in any paper/news source.

It has prompted a lot of reflection in me… and all I can think to ask is this:

Anarchy does not imply violent acts, violent acts are tools employed by certain extreme anarchists.  Anarchism is a political ideology which advocates for the decentralization of human society, in essence a foundational ideology in that it advocates a return to society’s foundations; collective subsistence. However, since our numbers as a species have grown so astronomical we have invented an apparatus to maintain peace amongst much larger numbers of people, we call this apparatus the state.  The state can do many things, however, the most unique thing about the state is that we as a people have decided to make it the only thing legally allowed to commit violent acts.

Therefore I pose this question to these would-be anarchists: If you use the tactics that the state does to demand validation of your beliefs, how are you different, tactically, then the very state you despise?

Congrats jack-asses you set the movement back at least a decade, this is not Seattle, this is not ’99.



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