Independent Photography

Youth Infringement

The photo requests for this month’s issue of the Charlatan have finally started to roll in.  I assigned a couple to volunteers at Carleton, however, there are few to choose from during the summer. As a result I’ll take on the slack until new students arrive in the fall and we hire a new photo assistant.  This was for the arts section.

Maria, played by Sarah Laham (L) looks on in fear as John, played by Leslie Cserepy, prepares to drink a glass of poisoned Kool-Aid during a performance of the play Speakers on Friday May 21, 2010 at the 12th annual Youth Infringement Festival held at the Arts Court in Ottawa.  The festival is designed as a celebration of local youth artists and typically features plays and musical performances.  The festival ran from May 18th-22nd.

Tess, played by Stefanie Pantalone, reacts after being asked to drink something by a would be cult-leader.

Oh yeah I got twitter too… check it out here, there’s a new image from Ban Ki-Moon’s visit.




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