Independent Photography

A day at the races…

The wonderful people I’ve been staying with suggested the other day we go see some motorcycle racing…  It’s a HUGE sport in Northern Ireland and kids as young as 13 race.  We piled into vans, packed up a BBQ and went to the east coast.  The fun part to was the connection.  Katheryn in the eldest daughter of the family, last year she got married (I remember meeting her future husband then boyfriend 5 years ago).  They’re pretty wicked people and Andrew (her husband) has always raced bikes.  Though he doesn’t race in the fastest class of bike I still couldn’t believe the speed!  Thank god the light was nice, I was shooting at some crazy settings… f/ 11 ISO 400 S. 1/8000.  Yeah that’s the unbelievable light in this country.  Anyways, I’d never shot motorsports of any kind and it was hard just to keep the camera trained on the riders, plus once the family saw my gear they made the [correct] assumption that I’d be able to get them a good shot or two… Andrew was racing with more than 10 other riders, so I climbed on top of the cargo van we had driven there then tried desperately to find 93 in the pack.  It went a LOT better/easier than I had anticipated.


Adam Dietrich

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