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Hola amigos,

On February 2, 2011 Dan Savage, sex-columnist and creator of the “It Gets Better Campaign.”  Savage spoke about his campaign the issues faced by queer youth.  I grabbed a photo with him and some of the Carleton organizers in the GLBTQ centre before he spoke.


On February 3, 2011 there was a crash at the entrance to campus involving a bus and a taxi cab.  No one was hurt.

For our most recent cover we were illustrating an article on shisha.  This cover caused a bit of an issue.  I had spent a large amount of time micro-editing this picture to make it perfect.  However, at 1am on Production night a decision was made by the charlatan editor-in-chief and the production assistant to add large white block text on top of the picture.  The Idea was to spoof the DVD box of the Social Network.  This was done in an effort to be topical, because the movie is nominated for some Oscars and draw attention to the fact that shisha is a social activity.  I disagreed with the choice and made my voice heard, although they still went ahead with it.  At the end of the day I was a little pissed that my name remained attached to a cover I felt I had no role in.  The original photo is below and the cover is available here.


For the last few weeks the Carleton University Students Association has been in the midst of elections.  It’s a dirty affair.  Student politics are… Stupid.  There were numerous elections violations and some small controversy.  Either way one evening the head of one of the slates, Obed Okyere, was in the elections office appealing his slate’s violations.  We weren’t allowed in so Instead I stood outside the office door with the writers and set my camera up.  It was as simple as waiting for the door to open.  I got lucky when it did Obed walked out, I lifted my camera and fire off a few frames.

Not a super interesting photo, but the process was interesting.


Anyways, that’s all for this week.


Adam Dietrich



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