Independent Photography

Film Work

I love film, the process, everything about it is more fun than digital.  The lesson learned with these negs is to clean them better.  There’s some nice water stains on them….  Otherwise these shots document the end of my summer, a family trip to Ireland, a trip with one of my good friends to Quebec City and some of Folk Fest 2010, which I felt should be shot on film.

This guy was a painter I found on a street in Quebec City


Quebec City August 2010


Members of the Italian Army band perform a march in the streets of Quebec City


A man sitting in an alley in Quebec City


A German soldier puts his gun into a wooden box for transit following a military parade in Quebec City


Members of the German Army band march through the streets of Quebec City


Part of Jim Bryson’s backing band the Weakerthans at Folk Fest 2010


Namgar, a folk singer from Mongolia performs at Folk Fest 2010


Another shot of Namgar at Folk Fest



Adam Dietrich


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