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Into Summer

It has been a while since my last post, I’m afraid life slowed down quite a bit, then got really fast, then hit a car.

The charlatan is over and I am now without a guiding paper.  What the opportunity has afforded me is the chance to shoot… whatever I want while I spend the summer in Ottawa before moving toBelleville to begin a program in photojournalism.

Here is some recent stuff including some scanned slides from a recent family trip toPeru.  It was my first time shooting slide film and I gotta say I’m hooked.  I was using a Yashica AF 280, an old cheap 80’s camera, and the colour vibrance is way more intense than my pro SLR $2000 digital sensor ever could do.

Two women from the Uros floating islands in Southern Peru in traditional clothing

A Quechua woman spinning wool outside of the city of Cusco, Peru. June 2011

A man sells alpaca gifts from his roadside stall on the border of Cusco and Puno provinces, located at 4100 metres above sea level in the Peruvian Andes

A Peruvian woman watches tourists walk past Incan ruins

A Peruvian family on a tricycle

The famous Machu Pichu, with a llama in front of it

Upon returning from Peru I did some photo hunting and came across this cat I quite liked.  I had fun with the editing.

and then this online arts and culture magazine called Can Culture asked me to do photos for the Ottawa Marathon…  The story is here.

The finish line shot. The winner was from Kenya...

Celebration shot at the finish line following the race.

Then I had an accident… I slipped on some gravel while trying to transfer from Bronson ave onto the side walk.  I lost balance and control and hit a parked card.  The visible wounds were mostly superficial and not that gory but I hit my side into the car with enough force to bruise my ribs.  Then there was fluid in my lungs and a fear of pneumonia… That was a week and half ago and I’m mostly better now, thankfully.

This was the single worst visible injury, it only fully closed up the other day after an infection but its good now.

That’s all for now.  The summer is shaping up to be a good one so hopefully good pictures will follow.