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Bluesfest and internships

There is some exciting news this week as yesterday I found out that I will be going to Costa Rica in January of 2012 on an expenses covered, paid internship with a community newspaper called Voice of Nosara.  Although I still need to hammer out the finer points it looks like I’ll be producing content, mostly photos although stories and multi-media as well, for the papers hardcopy and website.  In addition they have an apartment they’ll give me and pay for and an ATV to drive to local assignments and a monthly salary of $500.

I urge people to go to and check out the work done by Pinar Istek.  She’s their current intern.

The opportunity came during game six of the NHL playoffs.  I was at the Georgetown Pub in Old Ottawa South with my girlfriend and some journalism friends.  My friend and former coworker/boss at the charlatan, showed me an email he’d received from the journalism department.  It was a forwarded internship opportunity looking for an advanced photojournalism student who spoke Spanish.  I figured, “what the hell,” and applied.  The deadline was July 1st and on July 2nd I had an interview over Skype with the managing editor at Voice of Nosara.

In the meantime I have the time to brush up on Spanish, finish my degree at Carleton and pick up a few pieces of equipment I’m missing.

For those curious my portfolio is available here:

…Now onto BLUESFEST.  The annual music festival hosted at the Lebretton Flats here in Ottawa.  Yesterday was the second day.  I saw the Roots and Skrillex, although I missed the media call for the Roots, so I only have pictures of Skrillex.  Enjoy.

Ottawa, ON - Dubstep producer Skrillex performs at the Ottawa Bluesfest on July 6, 2011. Skrillex who was one of the only electronic acts in the whole festival headlined the Subway stage for a crowd of a few thousand people. (Adam Dietrich/the charlatan)

So I was merrily making pictures, then crap started happening during the second song then after security called a stop to the music because their barricade had broken from the crowd.

Ottawa, ON - Bluesfest security remove sections of a barricade which collapsed under pressure from the crowd. The collapse occurred during the second song of a performance by Dubstep producer Skrillex on July 6, 2011. (Adam Dietrich/the charlatan)

There will be more Bluesfest…. Rise Against, Lupe Fiasco, Black Keys, Dropkick Murpheys and Cheap Trick are what I can think of off the top of my head.


Adam Dietrich

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