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The Poem Repair Shop

This post will be taking a short detour from my current internship in Costa Rica to review something I did over the winter break, which just passed.

I went to high school outside of Guelph in the town of Breslau, I was incredibly fortunate to go there, because it was a private school.  While I clashed with the administration over everything from uniform attire, to hair colour and eventually tattoos my four years there presented opportunities I would likely not have had otherwise.  For example, a trip to Nepal in gr. 12, a trip to Italy and Greece in gr. 11, an outdoor biology course in Muskoka in gr. 10 and radio time at the U of G

My English teacher in gr. 11/12, Adrian Hoad-Reddick, hosts an hour-long radio show at CKCU, the University of Guelph’s campus radio station, called The Poem Repair Shop.  In gr. 11 I started assisting, mostly I supplied music for in between readings, my preference was local punk and rock.  PRS was great because it gave the opportunity to help in a live-to-air radio broadcast (my grandfather had better have been proud), immerse myself in the 519 music scene and experience poetry I might not have otherwise been exposed too.  For two years I helped out almost every week, I soloed a few shows, interviewed a band or two and ultimately put together a full show myself for my cumulating task in ENG4U, it beat the hell out of writing an essay.

El capitano, Adrian Hoad-Reddick manning the control board.

It was a nice mini-reunion, with everyone taking their turn at the mic.

Eric Balnar, PRS alumni and Carleton Student reading on air.


Eric Balnar and Devin Howard preparing limericks for the limerick equivalent of a rap battle. Eric won.

This past winter break I was able to come home from Ottawa a little earlier than usual.  I attended the annual SJK pub night hosted at the Ebar in Guelph.  While there Hoad told me about his intentions to host an alumni edition of PRS on the 29th.

It was really great to get back into the studio and reconnect over some poetry and music again.  So I’ve posted some photos and included a video of a limerick showdown between Eric and Devin, enjoy.


Adam Dietrich


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