Independent Photography


I’m Adam Dietrich and this is my website bio.  I’m a young independent editorial and commercial photographer who can also write words and make video.  I love travel, non-fiction books, punk rock and I have a bachelor of arts in political science from Carleton University.  In January 2013 I will be attending Loyalist College for their photojournalism program.

Most importantly, I love producing great pictures.  My strength is people; I prefer a candid style that captures people in a natural way.  My editorial stuff is designed to visually tell stories, my client work is meant to meet and exceed their needs and my personal stuff is where I learn and play.

Please take a look at my blog, as well as my portfolios.

So if you’re looking for a professional, affordable and friendly photographer you can contact me at and we can work something out.

Big things in my photography career, thus far:

–       Sold photos to The Canadian Press

–       Sold photos to the Ottawa edition of Metro

–       Worked as a photo-editor/staff photographer for the charlatan

–       Completed a six-month internship as a photographer/reporter with the The Voice of Nosara

–       Experience with weddings

–       Worked as an event and portrait photographer for Carleton Now!

Clockwise from top-left, me on a street car in Toronto after the G20 (photo by James Park), me in Nosara, Costa Rica (photo by me), a staff photo from when I was at the charlatan (photo by Christopher King), a photo from a walk around Ottawa one night (photo by Chris Roussakis), from the sidelines of Scotiabank Place during the Capital Hoops Classic (photo by Murray McComb)


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