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Nosara – Arrival

Whew, today has been a long one.

It started at 4am as I tried to quietly leave my dorm, although I’m certain my alarm pissed everyone off… I checked out and walked to the bus station, along the way the streets were riddled with the cries of tropical birds, it was seriously loud.  The bus ride itself was long, it was about 6 hours in total and since there was no AC onboard I opened a window.  That was a good idea, bad idea situation; because it’s the dry season now the roads are mostly dust and dirt.  Ultimately though, the dust in the face was worth the breeze in the stuffy bus.

My first glimpse of the sea en route to Nosara from San Jose. The Pacific is gorgeous.

When I finally arrived in Nosara my boss wasn’t there to meet me, so I hung around for half an hour or so.  This was about 11:30am and already I could tell Nosara is a lot hotter than San Jose.  Just as I was about to get concerned that maybe something was wrong and she wasn’t coming, a lady on a bike pulled up and asked if I was Adam.  It turns out the ATV is in repair so she’s been using the bicycle, I can’t wait until the ATV is out of repair.

Emiliana, the lady who met me at the bus stop, is the editor in chief of the Voice of Nosara, she’s from Argentina and seems very nice.  I also met the ad manager, Arianna from Florida, who on occasion will also write stories.  At first she was a little stand offish it seemed, however, later in the afternoon we got to talking.  She gave a brief overview of the structure of the Voice of Nosara, readership for print/online, ad rates, ownership and circulation levels.

I was told I have the day off today, which makes me assume tomorrow I start, so I wandered to the beach and bought some sandals on the way.  The beach is beautiful, it’s the Pacific Ocean and the water is bathtub temperature almost.  I’m technically not in Nosara town, but Guionnes beach, although everyone calls it Nosara.  The place is filled with beach bums, surfers and ex-pats (mostly American), it’s very easy to see why.

Cue gratuitous  scenery shots…

The prerequisite beach self-portrait

I haven’t seen much wildlife yet, aside from some pelican-like birds.

Some birds, I haven't identified them yet but I saw a bunch. They were walking around in the surf eating these slugs that crawl in the sand.

As I mentioned surfing is huge, I’ve never shot surfing before but I figured I should try.  The surf was a little low and there were only three people out… Gotta figure out when the best time to see people out is.

My first surfing shot! I hope to get better while I'm here... Surfing is definitely hard subject matter to find in Canada, plus in shooting it there's the added challenge of salt water and camera equipment.

What I really want to catch is a huge bail, with the rider and surfboard going off in different directions… that would be sweet.

She's about to bail on her ass, the picture of the bail was really boring though, you can't see anything over the wave she crashed into. Also I know nothing about surfing but contorting your body's balance like that on a snowboard would ensure an ass fall

After the surfing photos I continued north along the beach towards a huge outcropping of sorts.

Low tide leave tidal pools... Also that mountain in the corner, I climbed it to take the next two pictures.

This photo only shows a corner of the hill, in the mid-day heat I almost died after summiting it.  Okay well not really, but I did chug half my water bottle and have to sit down.

Looking north on the other side of the outcropping. I'm not sure how to reach this beach yet

The hill proved to be tall enough to unnerve me a bit, especially because it was really just a ridge with a goat path on top.  Still I found tire treads from a mountain bike…  Meaning people use the ridge to ride down… Crazy.

The view of the beach I walked along... Absolutely beautiful.

As I said the mid-day heat is sweltering, after my walk along the beach I came back and had to nap.  Arianna mentioned that here the sun is more direct and thus more intense, so 30 degrees feels a lot hotter than 30 degrees, needless to say I have a sunburn already, seems I should have worn sunscreen on my day out in San Jose.

While the sun had destroyed my appetite, the nap had brought it back.  I walked around the corner and bought a wrap for about $6, it was incredible.  Avocado, red cabbage, carrots lightly toasted with some sauce in it.

So tasty, so very tasty, although no where near the typical Costa Rican diet....

The Office is also my apartment, so from 9-5 five days a week, it’s a newspaper office, outside of those hours I have the run of the place.  It’s very cozy and central too, I’m about a ten minute walk to the beach and 2 minutes to amenities.

Yes, another self portrait... This is the office/my bedroom for the next six months, very cozy.

The windows look out onto ‘main st’ Nosara…

The view from my window around dusk.

Also, there’s a cat!  I’m allergic to cats (which is tragic because they’re my favourite animal) this one is mostly outdoors and the apartment is wood so hopefully I won’t need to dig into the allergy meds too much…

Soooooooooo cute! I'm not sure of the name yet so I've been calling her 'gatito' which I think is Spanish for 'kitten'

I’m very excited to start tomorrow, however, I need to stay out of the sun from 11am-2pm otherwise… I may cook.  That said I’ll leave you with this photo taken on the beach just before sunset…  Be jealous, it’s ok.

Beach goers watching the sun set while sipping beers on the beach... I could very much get used to that.

That’s all for today.


Adam Dietrich

P.S.  Today Wikipedia and other major sites (including WordPress) blocked access to some or all of their content to protest two bills before the United States Congress, the acronyms are SOPA and PIPA respectively.  I won’t go into detail here but if you’re curious you should Google them… if those bills pass they WILL change the way everyone uses the internet, for the worse.

P.P.S.  Capital Hoops was tonight, the classic showdown between Carleton and Ottawa U’s basketball teams at Scotiabank place, its the first time in three years I haven’t gone and the last two I was there court side for the charlatan, I was feeling a little nostalgic as I cruised their live blog.