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Into August

Hello all,

I know I’m not as diligent in posting as I should be… oh well.  We’re into August now which means that the Charlatan is quieting down for the next month or so and then we’ll be on a full-blown weekly production cycle.  So first off there’s a photo from this past Saturday.  I got a call last-minute from the Charlatan’s arts editor about covering the Ottawa Folk fest, since all my volunteers were already doing stories I decided I’d take this one.  So I trekked out to Britannia park and spent saturday night wandering around.  Needless to say since it was folk music most of the images were standard fare, people wearing hats playing acoustic guitars, however, there was this cool band from Russia there called Namgar.  Apparently the singer is from the eastern border of Russia, where Russia, China and Mongolia meet.  The music was very powerful and her performance was incredible.

The weekend before that, Mercury Lounge hosted the Summer Capital Slam.   It’s a poetry competition were poets perform their poems to an audience who selects a winner.  The process is pretty cool, judges are selected from audience members and then asked to score each poet out of 10.  Scores are tallied and the poet with the highest score at the end wins.  My friend Chris Tse was the half-time entertainment.  Since he was crowned the Capital Slam champion in May and put on the Ottawa slam team as the captain he was there on Saturday to do a full set, including some cool musical bits, between the two rounds.  Also I submitted this picture to the News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC) feature called, A Picture A Day (APAD) the picture was selected and ran on August 11, 2010, you can view it here.

When I went to Ireland in July I brought my film camera with me.  This had me a little concerned when I got home because prior to leaving for Ireland I had tried to develop four rolls of film before and of those four, two worked, the other two were completely f’d, a success rate of 50%.  During my two weeks in Ireland I shot four and a half rolls of Ilford HP5+ 400 black and white film and three rolls of Fujifilm 400 colour.  I’ll send the colour film to Labworks to get developed, since I lack the equipment for colour developing.  Last week a friend and I got together and mixed up some chemicals, I threw two rolls into my developing tanks and these ones worked!  I haven’t finished scanning all the negatives yet, because it takes so damn long and I still have two more rolls to develop and one more to finish and then develop.  However, here are my two favourite frames thus far, both of my sisters…

Ivy, my three year old sister, a constant mess/ball of energy.  I think this was outside an old prision in the town of Armagh N. Ireland.

My sister Sarah walking through a garden at a place called Stewart House, sort of a fancy manor home from back in the day.

Well, that’s all for now, coming up will be more film work as I develop and scan more negatives as well as a wedding I’m shooting next weekend (my first) and a trip to Quebec City the weekend after!


Adam Dietrich